Flex Courses

Fall 2019 Courses (Seminary Only)

Missiology (3 credits) 2H8311

This course surveys the basic perspectives involved in being “on mission with God,” such as biblical foundations (theology), history of missions, cross cultural interactions, and strategies.

Instructor: Dr. Dan Morgan

Course fee: $1,251.00 CDN (subject to change)

Greek I (3 credits) 2L8313

This course is the first in a sequence which orients the student to the study of the Greek New Testament. Greek I introduces the student to the grammar and syntax of biblical Greek. The overall aim is to equip the student to use the Greek New Testament for preaching and teaching responsibilities in ministry.

Instructor: Robbie Booth

Course fee: $1,251.00 CDN (subject to change)

Spiritual Formation (2 credits) 2P8225

This course is designed to assist persons in their spiritual and character development, with a view to becoming more strongly prepared on a personal level for Christian living and ministry. Important elements of ministry will be studied, including typical ministry hazards and types of personal failures.  Investing in personal formation is a key component of this course.

Instructor: Dr. Don McNaughton

Course fee: $834.00 CDN (subject to change)

Exodus Book Study (3 credits) 2B8316 Course Cancelled

Course Registration

The courses run August 26 – December 13, 2019.

Registration deadline is August 30, 2019. 

Course fees are due at registration. There is a $30 per semester non-refundable registration fee.

These courses are part of the offerings of the distance education program for masters level training at CSBS.

E-mail sue.smith@csbs.ca if you have any questions, for further information or to register for any of these courses.