Intensive Courses

Intensive courses allow students to study a single subject with focus and complete a course that is normally spread over an entire semester in an intensive 1-week format (Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon).

This format makes study possible for some who work fulltime, but who are able to schedule a week off in order to attend classes. Additionally, distance students can meet the residency requirement for our ministry degrees by coming for a week at a time, rather than have to leave their workplace or ministry setting and relocate to Cochrane.

Such an approach to teaching also opens the door for the school to invite topnotch scholars at other schools, who could not otherwise be on our campus. It can feel like the pace of learning is fast, but it is also rich and rewarding!

January 2018 Courses (Seminary and College)

Jeremiah (2 credits)

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This course is an exegetical and theological study of the Book of Jeremiah. The course will first introduce the student to prophetic literature of the Old Testament in general and then will focus on a detailed study of the Book of Jeremiah. Course runs from January 8-12, 2018

Course fee: $100.00 (Audit) $670.00 (College credit) $750.00 (Seminary credit)